Hats Off to our 50th Reunion Class Insignia committee:  Chair Ann Landsberg, Eleanor Whittemore Latimer, Gail Suzedell Saxton, Doris Jackson, and Reunion co-chairs Nancy Wanderer and Marilyn Hagstum Sharpe! They have (already!) designed, negotiated and successfully arranged to purchase Wallaroo natural hats ready to be adorned with Class of 1969 green hand-knit hatbands for our 50th Reunion.  Stunning, aren’t they?

Here’s where you come in.  After much discussion and FaceBook chatter, the committee has selected the yarns and refined the pattern – and now they’re issuing a call to classmates to join in the hatband-knitting project.  Nancy and Marilyn estimate we’ll need about 250 hatbands and they’re looking for “class knitters” to commit to knitting 12-15 hatbands each between May 2016 and our June 2019 Reunion.  Please sign up with Gail Suzedell Saxton.  And, whenever “two or three are gathered together” to knit, it will count as a mini-reunion!  Make it fun!