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Contribute to our 50th record book by January 10, 2019

A 50th Reunion without a Record Book is like...
Don't worry about finishing that sentence. Our 50th Reunion will have a Record Book that showcases our amazing Classmates 50 years after Graduation. We'll have fun looking back at our College years, both the everyday events and the milestones like Junior Show, Hoop Rolling, Flower Sunday, Step Singing and who knows what else.

BUT, none of this can come to fruition unless you take the time to complete your profile at wellesley69.reuniontechnologies.com. (This website is restricted to protect our classmates' privacy. As verification, you will need to provide the email address that the college has on file for you.) You can write about anything you want--retirement plans and realities; what you most enjoy in your current life; what most concerns you; what has most surprised you; what Wellesley has meant to you; who you are at this time in your life; volunteer work, sports…

The Class Record Book website is live and will be open until January 10th. Don't follow Natalie's example and mentally anguish over finding the perfect 400 words, only to stay up until the wee hours of the last day writing. The beauty of the website is that after you complete the profile, you can revisit it and change things until the day the platform closes. The holidays can be a busy time, but enter a portion of what you want to say knowing you can change anything. We all tend to be perfectionists, but just go ahead.

We need your help. Our hope is for an extra special 50th Reunion Record Book with special features and color photos. We were at Wellesley 50 years ago and there are very few photos in the Wellesley Archives for our class. If you can find any pictures of Junior Show, classmates, events or special times from our years at Wellesley, please notify Cathy at (908-385-5455) or mums@juno.com ASAP, and we will make arrangements to collect your materials. We will be careful not to harm them and will return them after they are scanned. If they are already scanned, so much the better!

We will also need your help to pay for the Record Book.  Every book costs $50 to produce, and every classmate will receive a Record Book whether she makes a payment or not.  We hope you'll consider making a $50 payment on the Record Book site (there's a button to click)  to  help us underwrite the production of this very special Record Book.

If you have any questions please contact Cathy at mums@juno.com or Natalie at kenoragal2@gmail.com. Have fun with your entries.

Thank you,
Cathy Bowman Mumford and Natalie Gaull
50th Reunion Record Book Co-Chairs